The passion for steel with a gaze at the future

The history of Morandi Spa has very deep roots. The passion for steel processing and trading has kept renewing, year after year, thanks to the ideas, the contribution and the intuitions of all the people who have helped to write its history, together.

Morandi was born in 1973 from the 30-years’ experience of Vittorio Morandi who, at the age of 16, started his long journey in the steel sector at Celestri, a company of the Falck Group. It was maybe his desire of not wasting all his knowledge and skills gained over decades of purchases, combined with his urgency to maintain the ties with all the companions met during his long career, to light up his entrepreneurial spirit although the moment for his retirement had come. His intuition gave birth to a reality in the distribution of steel materials (iron, tubes and various kind of steel products) based in Brescia.

In 1980, shortly after the company had moved to Flero, Emanuele Morandi joined his father, pushing the business beyond the initial project. In line with the original nature of the company, Emanuele’s drive for innovation and enthusiasm led to the creation of two new projects, which would support and complete the group’s business. Siderweb, the community that has shortly become the daily point of reference for every operator in the steel market, was born in 2000. In 2005, it was the turn of Made in Steel, the first Italian event entirely dedicated to the steel industry.

After Emanuele’s kids, Paolo and Francesca Morandi, have entered the group, in 2013 Giorgio Maschietto started leading the company as General Director. The team was finally complete and ready to boost the company’s new strategy, by increasing the offer of structural hollow sections in order to gain shares in the construction market. The digitization, the expansion of its sales network and a growing focus on the international market, prove that Morandi Spa never stops turning its gaze towards the present and the future of the steel distribution system.

“The people, their contribution to the present and their intuitions for the future, are our strength. Our experience in this sector that has lasted over 40 years, as well as the quality of the products we trade, create the added value to the service we offer to our customers”.

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