Why should steel be chosen?

Why should steel be chosen?

More than 40% of the iron products currently used were not available only a few decades ago: the main reason of the stunning rise of the use of steel is without any doubt the improvement of the efficiency and of the productivity of the iron and steel industry. However, this rise would have been unattainable if manufacturers, suppliers and especially users hadn’t recognized the versatility of use as an essential value and character of steel.

Flexible, variable and eclectic, steel has become essential in many different fields: inox steel is necessary in many usage of the everyday life, such as small appliances or transports, structural steel sections are perfect for civil constructions like bridges or skyscrapers and are at the core of the most important design masterworks.

Simple designing

Considering the continuous improvement of technologies, steel represents the best choice for the creation of infrastructure, since its features appropriately satisfy many different needs. When it comes to planning and projecting, steel reveals its adaptable characteristics, which easily fits several needs and allows to transform, restructure or expand structures without turning them upside down. 

High performances support an ensemble with other materials such as wood, aluminium and glass, giving to designers the opportunity to plan and design innovative and creative projects.

Steel’s versatility merges with its simplicity of use: steel products can be easily assembled without any intermediate structures. This eases the processo of assembling materials, which can be prebuilt and later put together in the construction site, reducing time, avoiding delay and improving the respect of time schedule.


Perché costruire in acciaio


Thanks to the tracking and control techniques, the steel industry can guarantee high performance in terms of quality. This means time performance and durability, which are essential when it comes to the reduction of the maintenance costs.

Therefore, steel structures can be considered the most perfect and modern synthesis between architecture and engineering, since steels preserves its mechanical features (flexibility, malleability, lightness, safety and convenience) over time.


Perché costruire in acciaio


Investments reliability, economic and environmental sustainable

This considered, the qualities and characteristics of steel assure to the entrepreneur a favorable investment. Steel structures are not only safer and more sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view, they are even more convenient in terms of management of temperature conditions of the building. Indeed, combining steel and glass, it is possibile to build active facades, to improve microclimatic comfort and to reduce the electric and heat demands.

Moreover, the efficient treatments on products and the use of special steels protect the structures from atmospheric agents, reducing at the same time the interventions of maintenance. 

For all these reasons, steel is a “durable resource”, a perfect player of the circular economy. Being highly durable and 99% recyclable, steel allows lower levels of raw material consumptions and, consequently, makes infrastructures’ construction and management more sustainable, if compared to others building materials.

All this considered, there are many reasons to chose steel for constructions, but the can be sum up under three key values and general concepts: simple planning, safety and investment reliability. 

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