The many lives of steel show off in Milano

Since March 14, 2013, the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia has an area called “Acciaio”: a permanent exhibition dedicated to the steel and its many lives, to its production and the continuous evolution of its manufacturing processes and to the possibilities of its endless reuse. 

The Area was realized thanks to the collaboration with Arvedi Group, which has always considered innovation as one of its key values and what has allowed the company to compete at the highest level on the international market. 

A multimedia scenographic setting, designed and realized by the Museum in collaboration with the Studio N!03, allows the visitors to dive into the world of steel. Interactive installations, historical records and innovative objects take the visitors in an extraordinary journey through the different stages of the life of steel: the production form scrap, the characteristics, properties and uses of a material which has revolutionized the world and has evolved to keep the path of continuously evolving exigencies.

Within the exhibition Area, Samsung, technological partner of the Museum, has made available some of its most innovative technologies to allow the steel to come to life in a non conventional way on HQ screens, allowing the guests to live an even more engaging, interactive and immersive experiences. 

With this area the Museum has enriched and enlarged the exhibition with objects that made the history of the steel industry: the Galperti power hammer – and the reenactment of the forge where it was placed; the reenactment of the 1860 Vobarno Falck installation, that of the foundry from the beginning of twentieth century where the 1910 Strassano furnace stands out; the 1909 Mannesmann rolling mill, coming from a Dalmine plant. 

Perfect example of the merge of the deep roots of the history of the steel industry and the endless possibilities of innovation, the Museum is an opportunity for those who want to examine in depth the different tones of the steel industry. It is an opportunity for those who want to understand the potentialities and to imagine the future of one of the revolution that will not be far from happening: the circular economy.