Not only 3D laser cutting

A completely renewed offer to integrate products and 3D laser services.


Read the interview with our general manager, Giorgio Maschietto, explaining the advantages of our new positioning for our customers.


“Getting closer to the market, while shortening the supply chain. Easing the work of our customers, while reducing the number of players involved in the process. Cutting indirect costs and time of supply, while offering renewed solutions to old problems. These are the main goals we were pursuing when we decided to innovate our company’s offer: increasing our services by adding a wide range of processes on steel tubes”.

Innovation, digitization, industry 4.0: people often talk about the opportunities and results that the digital revolution has on our everyday life. How can the steel industry, which is known to be slowly responsive to change, take advantage of the positive effect of the digital innovation?

From issues like these stems the process that is deeply changing our company. Enlarging our area of business, which was traditionally limited to the distribution of steel tubes, made our offer closer to the market’s needs.

Our general manager Giorgio Maschietto explains the issue very well:

The project was born from an overall analysis of the market’s situation: the field of steel distribution is undergoing a deep crisis. One of the most important effect of the digital revolution is indeed the disintermediation. Thus, the profitability for steel traders started to decrease except for those who can exploit logistics advantages.

Therefore, we added a range of steel services and tubes processing in order to offer solutions that in the past were unavailable and obliged customers to look elsewhere in the supply chain.

The ad hoc analysis realized at the end of 2017 confirmed our belief: the possibility to obtain a semi-finished product and to curb further uncertainties of logistics and supply is a remarkable value for our customers. The recent installation of the LT 20 JUMBO ADIGE-SYS laser machine follows this pattern: moving downstream the value chain. Indeed, today no other steel player can arrange a state-of-art machine and a wide range of steel hollow sections.


taglio laser 3d

The 3D laser machine operating


Consequently, after the outcome of the preparatory analysis, in the summer of 2018 began the process of construction of the site and installation of the LT 20 Jumbo Adige-Sys, which was fully operating later that fall. Obviously, the new machine did not involve only the acquisition of technological assets, but also a redefinition of the organization, productive process and skills required.

“The acquisition of the technical skills required to operate the machine was the most demanding challenge we had to face. As Francesco Zaglio, now our technical director, joined our team, we could rely on his expertise to train our employees.”

The organization is today operating at full speed and the main challenge is now a commercial-related one: it is essential to communicate to the market, to our customers and prospects, the new offer and the opportunities that arise from the integration of products and services.

By now, we had a very positive feedback on the change. Our customers appreciate the advantages of a more streamlined supply chain. Indeed, the possibility to obtain 3D processing on the products they buy from us reduces the uncertainties on supply timing and increases the solutions by easing further steps of assembly and construction.

This is the real meaning of innovation: renewing the business positioning in order to offer to our customers new solutions to face always-increasing challenges; listening to the different players involved and creating what was missing in the world of steel tubes: a real custom-made product.

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