We are what was missing in the steel industry


Laser cutting is notably interesting

(Technical Office of a Service Centre)


It would be interesting to have a distributor that offers laser cutting and 3D cuts, there aren’t many around

(Technical Office, Costruzioni Metalliche)


Requests such as these from clients who responded to a survey commissioned by a business consultant that has accompanied our company in the strategic repositioning progress, Morandi Steel Spa is dealing with the “Blue Ocean Strategy” with clear goals in mind: to innovate and to occupy a new market position able to offer solutions to meet the demands of the complex market. To listen to the needs of the clients and to be able to offer something that was once missing from the steel industry: not just a complete range of hot and cold structural tubes, but also precision processing, laser cutting and 3D design.


An integrated range to improve customer service

Traditionally positioned as a distributor of carbon steel tubes, with a wide range of carbon steels, and a focus on structural products, the range offered by Morandi Steel is supported by two pillars: innovative services and quality products. The wide range of carbon steel products means being able to meet the needs of the diverse types of clients: hot-formed structural products En 10210 and cold-formed En 10219 meet the demands of users and producers from the energy, construction and mechanical application industries. The thermal lances (link) are used by various steel mills in the various phases of steel processing.

Morandi Steel has integrated their supply of a wide range of carbon steel products with machining that completely satisfies client requests. A Laser processing service has recently been added to the other services available like threading and coupling, deburring and gauging. With respect to the use of conventional methods (like sawing, engraving, drilling, milling and punching), laser cutting optimizes the production process in the machining of tubes and allows for the cutting process to take place in one step and also the creation of complex holes and profiles.

Given the advantages in terms of quality of the products and the production costs, designers from different sectors (such as agriculture, food, chemical, furnishing, earth-moving, electrical appliances, oil) are choosing more than ever before laser cutting processes of tubes in their projects.


Customized tubes

Morandi Steel Spa is the ideal reference point for producers and utilizers of structural steel tubes. Thanks to 50 years of experience in the world of steel distribution, the team at Morandi Steel boast competence and know how able to satisfy the requests of even the most demanding clients using certified products and tailor made solutions.

The strong roots of the company, strengthened by concrete investments, allow the company to look towards the future with even more innovative services. With the installation of the LT 20 JUMBO ADIGE-SYS laser machine and thee addition of the LT 8.20, Morandi Steel acquires a radically new market position, switching from distributor to an innovative and modern service center. One single partner able to deliver a wide range of machining operations avaible on a large variety of structural products, and a complete service that supports the customer at every stage of the supply process, succeeding in satisfying every particular need.

This represents a great advantage for the market: costs are saved and the numeber of players involved in the purchasing process is reduced, improving delivery times.


3D Design and Processing

To meet the demands of the market in a more efficient way, the Engineering Team of Morandi Steel offers a 3D design service that allows for the elaboration of files supplied by clients, proposing high level innovative solutions. Thanks to the know-how developed over the years by specialized technicians and accurate and continued training, the use of the most innovative 3D and 2D designs allows the company to develop together with the clients, ad hoc solutions for every need.

Unlike traditional distributors, Morandi Steel Spa is able to integrate in its offer, quality services that in the past were unavailable and obliged customers to look elsewhere in the supply chain. By doing this they have broadened their range by integrating specific services and products into their offers. Morandi Steel Spa is able to present itself as a sole supplier for a wide range of certified quality products and a series of processing that can satisfy a wide range of needs of the clients, saving waiting time and the number of players in the game.