Thermal Lance and Products for Steelworks

Carbon steel lances are used by steelworks and foundries at various stages of the steel production. Some types can be used to blow oxygen in electric furnaces to shorten scrap melting time (oxygen lance). The lances offered by Morandi are used at later stages, as support to open the discharge hole of the furnace and ladle, to clean the ladle and the tundish as well as a tool to cut and penetrate metals (thermal lance), thanks to the high temperatures it can achieve. Lances are produced using hot-formed low carbon steel tubular hollow sections welded longitudinally, under standard UNI EN 10255.

Morandi SPA serves major steelworks and foundries with a comprehensive range of consumable lances, with diameters ranging from 1/8’’ to 1’’1/2 and thicknesses from 2.00 to 2.90 mm. Available lengths range from 2.00 to 12.00m, with the opportunity of size cut the consumable and thermal lance. The company puts threads on the tubes so that the lances can be connected to reach in depth the point of cutting and make up for reduction during combustion. Morandi also provides sleeving, burring and cone-making services of the tips of the lances to improve their performance and adjust them to the installed equipment.


Range of consumable lances for steelworks

Ø (mm)
1/8″ 2,00 9,80 10,00 from mt 2,000 a to 6,000
1/4″ 2,00 13,00 13,20 from mt 2,000 to mt 6,000
3/8″ 2,35 16,75 17,30 from mt 2,000 to mt 12,000
1/2″ 2,35 21,00 21,40 from mt 2,000 to mt 12,000
3/4″ 2,35 26,40 26,90 from mt 2,000 to mt 12,000
1″ 2,60 33,20 33,80 from mt 2,000 to mt 12,000
1″ 1/4 2,90 41,90 42,50 from mt 2,000 to mt 12,000
1″ 1/2 2,90 47,80 48,40 from mt 2,000 to mt 12,000

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