Laser cutting optimizes the productive processing of tubes. In just one phase, the section can be cut and subject to processing to create holes and complex profiles. In this way, the processing time and costs are reduced considerably with respect to conventional methods, like sawing, engraving, drilling, milling and punching.

Thanks to these advantages, designers from diverse sectors (such as agriculture, food, furnishings, chemical, earth moving, electrical appliances and oil) are using more than ever before laser processing for their projects. This simplifies the successive production phases, improves the possibility to codify to eliminate assembly errors.

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3D Design

The designers of the different sectors find in Morandi Steel a team of technicians with specialized know-how, thanks to continual training and use of cutting-edge software for 3D design, they are able to listen, receive and suggest solutions according to the specific needs of the customers.

LT 20 Jumbo Adige-Sys

The recent installation of the cutting machine LT 20 JUMBO ADIGE-SYS, a  system that can be set with different configurations according to the applications needed, such as  laser cutting large sized square, round, rectangle tube sections and different closed and open sections in iron and steel, a fundamental characteristic of the machinery  and the fixed positioning of the rotation axis of the tubes. The machine is able to cut tubes with a minimum diameter of 50mm up to a maximum of 508mm and bar length up to 15,500mm.

Products can be subject to the following processes with the following dimensions:

Maximum thickness 20 mm
Ø round section 50 ÷ 508
square section 50×50 ÷ 400×400
rectangular section 50×50 ÷ 500×300
C section 50×50 ÷ 500×300
L section 50×50 ÷ 500×300
HE section 140 ÷ 500
IPE section 80 ÷ 500
UPN section 140 ÷ 300

Besides cutting, the laser machine carries out multiple processing: for example:  drilling, pitch holes, notching intersections and inclined cuts. Morandi Steel is also a Uni En 1090-1:2009/A1:2011 certified company (Discover certification) that refers to the requirements to evaluate the conformity of the characteristics in performance and of the structural components of structural steel and aluminium and of the kits released for the market such as construction products. According to regulations, Morandi Steel issues a Declaration of Performance and CE Marking for tailor made steel tubes for structural usage.