The company Morandi was founded in 1973. After 10 year’s experience at Gruppo Falck, Vittorio Morandi decided to start his own business specializing in the distribution of various types of iron and steel products, located in Brescia, in Via Zara. A few years later, in 1989, the warehouse was relocated to Flero, in the site where it still stands today.

In 1984 Emanuele Morandi, the first-born son of Vittorio who has a degree in Business Economics, assumed the role of CEO of the company. The years spent in the company, working closely with suppliers, clients, associations and stakeholders, the natural aspiration toward innovation pushed Emanuele to give life to two important parallel projects in the iron and steel industry: in 2001 Siderweb, the Italian steel community, a physical and virtual meeting space for all operators in the sector. In 2005, by a shared intuition by Emanuele and the team of Siderweb, Made in Steel, the first Italian event dedicated to the steel industry was born. At its eighth edition, Made in Steel has affirmed itself over the years as an important occasion for all operators in the sector to meet and do business.

Over the years, the Company Morandi specialized even more in trading and in the processing of carbon steel tubes. In 1993 the company became a joint-stock company and in 2005 obtained the Uni En ISO 9001-2008 quality certification, making its offer more efficient and competitive on the market.

Structural Hollow Sections

In 2013, two years after the loss of the founder Vittorio, Giorgio Maschietto accepted to drive the company in the role of General Director. From that moment onwards, Morandi Spa oriented its range towards the construction market, thus adding structural tubes En 10219 and En 10210 to its range of product.

In concurrence with the arrival of the new General Director, Emanuele’s children, Paolo and Francesca Morandi became part of the company. Continually aiming for quality products, in 2015 Morandi Steel was certified according to the norm Uni En 1090-1:2009/A1:2011, which meets the requirements to evaluate the conformity of the characteristics of the performance of the steel and aluminum structural components and of the kits introduced on the market as products for construction.

Laser Processing

The same push to innovation that has always distinguished all the experiences of Morandi Group lead in 2018 to a further step forward: the acquisition of a new 3D Laser Cutting machine redefined the offer integrating the distribution of carbon steel products with a range of high quality processing able to satisfy the personalized requests of the clients. The arrival of Francesco Zaglio has brought technical know-how and competence in the quality process sector to the team guided by Georgio Maschietto.


Morandi Group

Morandi Steel Spa is part of the Morandi Group, the holding that manages various companies operating in the iron and steel market, in the sale of steel products, in the organization of exhibitions and events in the sector.

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