8 May 2020

The 3D laser machinery for the new positioning

Francesco Zaglio, leading engineer of Morandi Steel team explains the main features of the new offer of 3D laser finishing process on steel profiles.
14 December 2018

Steel structural sections for construction

Thanks to the contribution of Carlo Mapelli, professor of metallurgy at Politecnico of Milano, we opened our warehouse to showcase the pros and potentialities of the use of structural steel for constructions instead of other solutions.
13 December 2018

The advantages of dry construction systems.

Economic and Environmental sustainability are some of the advantages of dry construction methods.
26 July 2018

The anti-seismic qualities of structural steel

Which are the characteristics that make structural steel the perfect choice for construction in areas with high seismic risk?
11 February 2016

Our Quality System

It’s online the new page for Quality certifications.
16 June 2015

Smart steel trade

The video that Morandi presented during the sixth edition of Made in Steel.
1 April 2015

Expo 2015 – Our Steel

The structural hollow sections of Morandi Spa for the realization of the exhibition site of Milan Expo 2015.