The 3D laser machinery for the new positioning

Interview with Francesco Zaglio, leading engineer of Morandi Steel team.


Francesco Zaglio

More than one year ago Morandi Steel offer has been renewed, integrating the wide range of steel hollow sections with high quality 3D laser finishing. This allowed to answer a request gathered among many customers and stakeholder of different fields: integrating the supply of steel section with 3D laser finishing that can streamline and make faster the process.

Indeed, Morandi Steel offers to the customers not only a wide range of hot- and cold finished hollow sections, but also a 3D laser cutting machine LT 20 JUMBO ADIGE-SYS that can work high dimension sections, offering a set of finishing and services that customers used to receive from other suppliers.

This allowed to simplify the supply chain, reducing the number of players involved in the process, and cutting logistic time and costs. This improved also the service quality: the 3d machine can indeed process  in one step what traditional finishing needs to work separately in subsequent steps.

Francesco Zaglio, leading engineer of Morandi Steel team, answers to some questions about the characteristics of the new services developed for the clients.

Which kind of finishing can be processed with the new machinery?

The main finishing processes that our laser machine can realized are the straight cutting, bevel cutting, drilling on high dimension steel profiles (up to 508mm in diameter, 20mm in thickness and 16.000mm in length). Moreover, it is possible to make a laser print of the codification of the piece, the labeling of the precise position of the welding and the hex section drill for riveting.

In addition to this standard processes, the machine allows to execute complex shapes, which can be developed and customized to the different customers’ needs.

Which are the main traditional finishing that can be replaced through those realized with a 3D laser machine? And which are the main benefits?

The 3D finishing can replace all the processes realized manually or with traditional machines, like cutter or slitter, milling or plasma cutting.

This benefits involve both the performance, the precision and the quality of the wrought product: as compared to the traditional process, indeed, this saves all the all the manual positioning of the piece, improving productivity and cutting the commission cost, raising the quality of the result.

A specific benefit of laser processing is the wide possibility to customize the production engineering: for example, it makes possible to develop custom programs for multiple intersections of tubes or to split up complex structures into single elements and organize them according to the type of section. Other players, both upstream or downstream in the supply chain, can therefore find a wide range of interesting solutions and services for their projects.

How did the market react to the news?

The new positioning was met with immediate success among our partners and customers: though the new offer is quite unusual for the field, the many orders received and processed confirmed the interest of players of diverse sectors for our new customized services and not only for the finishing processes. And the reason is clear: we offer a unique and integrated solution for different needs: engineering, wide range of products, finishing and logistics.

Which are the main fields?

Players of many fields can be interested in this new offer: for example, carpentry and metalworks, the automotive or the carousel industry, makers of steel roof, bridge or structures and construction builder.

Why should a customer choose a partner as Morandi?

Morandi Steel is the ideal partner of different fields as it offers a complete and integrated solution for different needs: starting from the analysis and the co-development and co-design of application to the management of the supply. Morandi Steel offers indeed a complete and integrated solution made of product, finishing process and logistic capabilities.

This streamline the supply process, reducing uncertainties about time and cutting logistic costs. It is somehow a change of paradigm and a step forward in the integration of the offering.

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