A Responsible Business

Saturday, November 8 Don Luigi Ciotti has been host to Brescia by the non-profit organization Il Calabrone. Association also supported by Morandi Spa.

But this is not the only link. The real connection is about the Issues of Law and Justice that the founder of Libera has touched, a reference to the concept of responsibility in every field, from social to policy and finally, to the companies.

Don Ciotti first stressed the importance of words. The use made of it but sometimes their abuse, which outlines instead the empty behind them.

And the words he pointed out, with the sweetness and the severity of the person who bears witness on a daily basis – have been Legality, Justice, Ethics and Responsibility.

If Legality, fundamental requirement of social life, cannot be our “end” because it is a “tool” to achieve a higher value called Justice, so Ethics calls into question first of all each of us and it cannot run in the drafting and sharing of the Ethics Code, becoming a trend in our businesses and professions.

«Not only ethics “in” the profession, but ethics “as” a profession» repeated Don Ciotti.

To do so, he suggested an assumption of Responsibility in the workplace, in relationships, in the voluntary sector. Starting from ourselves. «It is the responsibility the spine which is based democracy and our Constitution. The responsibility before the law and it is a fundamental part» he stated.

Even Morandi Spa, a company operating in the steel distribution, echoes these themes. An ethic that we will try first of all to type in “our conscience” to spread then in our work.

“We have only this life,” concluded Don Ciotti. Do not waste it closed in on ourselves.
Even in the steel industry.

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