“Servitization” starts with a new corporate ERP-MES

From January, the latest generation of software for automating and managing business processes will be fully operational

Morandi Steel’s new strategic approach can be synthesized by the term ‘servitization’. With this word, we want to emphasize the desire to offer the market no longer a simple product, but ‘solutions’ through a series of services with high added value. To realize this ambitious program, called Morandi 2025, we could only start with a new digital culture, investing in training and an innovative latest-generation ERP-MES system.


What is an ERP-MES system?

It is software that will help us automate and manage business processes to improve our performance, offering customers a more timely and tailored service.
The ERP-MES system is provided and customized by the Formula team and coordinates the flow of data between the various processes, thus providing a single source of information and simplifying the various business operations.

An integrated system that helps us in three ways. Firstly, it helps us achieve optimal performance by using the detailed information the system can provide. In this way, we can streamline our decision-making process and think, data in hand, of new ways to optimize future operational performance.
Secondly, it accelerates operational impact because it connects processes and data. As a result, operational staff will have more flexibility and visibility into what they access during the various stages of business processes and can act quickly. Thirdly, ERP-MES software ensures a business system that is proactively prepared to respond promptly to business disruptions or to cope with sudden changes in the market.


Another advantage of the new ERP system is that it can break down the barriers between the front and back office, also adapting to different business areas.
From the perspective of the Sales department, the ERP can provide multi-channel business solutions, combining the physical with the digital. Customers thus have a smoother and more personalized shopping experience.
Another department that benefits from the software is Production. By improving business communications and automating processes, the business system can meet customers’ needs even more punctually and enables better management of resources through real-time access to data. In addition, the ERP helps optimize project and cost management and production planning.

More generally, all company departments are involved in this change and benefit in terms of process efficiency and communication between departments.


Morandi Steel’s way.

The optimization process started with a thorough analysis and the elaboration of a detailed PFD (Process Flow Diagram), which served to get a clear picture of the as-is and to-be situation of our company. This was the basis from which to start remodeling the company system, complete with all its steps, flows, and procedures.
Thanks to these first steps, it was then possible to study and identify the best IT solution with the Formula team. We then opted for the Sage X3 software, which best represents not only our current best practices but especially those ‘to be’, examined and studied to enable us to further increase the level of global service to our customers.

After two years of intensive work and now we are finally at the go live: 09-01-2023.

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