Morandi @ PMI DAY 2016

On 8 November, Morandi Spa will participate in the project PMI DAY 2016: the company for one day will open its doors to young students coming from a local School Institute.

This year the project, promoted by Confindustria, will focus on four themes: the school-work alternation, lean management, legality and protection of Made in.

The initiative will be an opportunity for students and companies to walk together for a day: on the one hand companies, which are to tell, to open itself to transfer to the young enthusiasm and the difficulties of doing business. On the other side the students, accompanied by their teachers, have the opportunity to explore, live and see up close the operation of a company.

Therefore, questions, curiosity, new motivations bring the students to start thinking about “will do something great.” The sales area for the more extroverted, administration and finance for precise; the most creative will be attracted by the marketing, while the more daring will prefer to become their own entrepreneurs. Whether in Italy or abroad: in the PMI DAY, all dreams are allowed.

And then there’s the company, which as a hostess prepares to welcome the most of his guests, in a transparent and constructive spirit. Because aware that input and new ideas often come from the outside. And sometimes even from the very young.

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