Riccardo Taroni is the new Morandi Steel’s sales manager

New Laser Machine and ERP for a year that is going to be rich of changes and innovation, aiming at 2025

This year is going to be rich of innovation and changes for Morandi Steel.
The first is the appointment of Riccardo Taroni as new sales and innovation manager. This choice is part of Morandi Steel 2025 plan, with new investments in information technologies and machinery and the onboarding of new employees.

The future is clear: positioning Morandi Steel no more as a tube distributor, but as a modern and innovative steel service center.

As Riccardo Taroni explains in the video, in order to reach this goal the company planned investments to improve and widen the offer, giving the customer an increasingly customized service that can quickly satisfy every needs.
The last step of the 2025 plan is the next installation of the new Adige LT8. This is a new laser machine that will be integrated with the LT20 already operating, and will increase the range of processes, allowing the customers to source the whole range of tubes from one player.

Moreover, in 2023, the new ERP will be fully operating. A further step toward a more customized, quick and accurate service and the full products traceability.


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