Road 2025: Morandi Steel looks to the future

Business plan to become a modern, advanced and increasingly user-friendly service centre

How will Morandi Steel develop in the next years? What kind of company will it be in 2025?
These are the questions that Morandi Steel‘s staff are answering through constant daily work and investment planning.

A renovation process began in 2019, with the purchase of the 3D laser cutting machine. The first step on the road to Morandi 2025, as our key account Nicola Zamboni points out.

Thanks to this machine we have repositioned ourselves and gone from being a simple distributor to being a service centre. Today we have moved closer and closer to the world of users and are able to provide them with a ready-to-use product, which also helps the customer’s delivery times.
In the light of the figures for the last six months, we can say that we have won the bet and that the market has responded very positively to our development. In fact, the first half of 2021 was record-breaking and this year is shaping up to be the best since the company was founded.

Two years have gone by since the purchase of “Laser” and Morandi Steel is ready for new investments to continue growing.

We want to strengthen our new positioning, downsizing our pure distribution side to become more and more oriented towards the end user. The aim is to become a modern and innovative service centre and to do this we are strengthening the logistics and purchasing sectors. In addition, we are implementing a new ERP system integrated with a CRM to keep all customer orders under control at all times.

Innovation that rhymes with People, which also improves the customer user experience.

We are studying an innovative service for our sector, namely that of giving the customer the possibility of fully experiencing the whole experience in between. Through the tracking system that we are already implementing, the customer will be able to monitor in real time the evolution of his order, from the moment of the order until delivery, and follow step by step what we are doing for him. Alongside this we are working on the ‘Talking Tube’ project. It is a system of sensors to analyse the health of products in the warehouse, prevent deterioration and provide the necessary maintenance.
We are renewing ourselves and there are many other innovations in store for 2025.

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