G20 YEA: a journey into the digital future

The point of view of Francesca Morandi, Morandi Spa’s internal audit.

Few weeks after the G20 YEA, organized by the “Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, I recall the confrontation we had at our meetings in Berlin: the satisfaction I feel is as great as the energy I got from our discussion about the “digital trends for future business”.


G20 futuro digitale


Also this year, the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance met up in advance of the G20 Summit to develop propositions and submit them to the Chiefs of State and Premiers of Government, in order to steer their agenda and engage them in discussions about the themes that young entrepreneurs care most about. In these days, the main theme of the meeting could not be other than the future digital developments. The contributions have pointed to the complexity of the change caused by the digital transformation on our private and business lives, dealing with it at four different levels – Augmented/Virtual Reality, Digital Platforms, Big Data, Internet of Things. Many speeches, like that of Brigitte Zypries, the German Minister for Economics, or that of Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, highlighted the potentiality of the digitization as development leverage, recalling the necessity to develop it according to the values of openness, sustainability and care for the environment. Well aware of the shadows that the digital transformation, like every revolution, brings with itself, but at the same time confident that the ability to include different generations and protagonists is the way to clear the fog. Every contributor, then, underlined the possibilities and the responsibilities that we, as young entrepreneurs, have to be the stimulus for the society to move towards innovation, even along riskiest ways, which are those that more often take to success.


G20 futuro digitale


I am very happy and proud to have been part of this trip: besides the great network of relationships developed during these days, this experience allows me to bring back to our company the freshness of new reflections and food for though about themes and issues which have many effects on the present and the future of our society. The digital trends are transforming not only our everyday life, but even our way of doing business and innovating companies. The meeting with knowledge partners like Accenture and EY gave me the possibility to deepen the most innovative and concrete potentiality of the digital revolution and industry 4.0, and to imagine how these could be applied to our company’s work: how the digitization of the logistics can improve the customer service, how the commercial relationships can be revolutionized thanks to many different digital technologies, how marketing and communication processes can be enhanced through the adoption of new strategies.

Enthusiasm and ideas allow to confidently face the present and future changes. Even the steel’s future.

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