Quality Certifications: the company’s policy

Interview with Davide Masi, in charge of the Quality System Management.

An efficient internal organization and an effective processes’ management are essential requirements to play and stand out in an always more complex and competitive context, in order to offer high quality products and services and to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace for every employee. For this reason, Davide Masi is fully committed to the coordination and management of the Quality Service.

He is in charge of checking the supplied material and reporting any nonconforming products. Moreover, he daily gathers material certifications, dealing with customers and managing every single necessity or demands about the quality of products.

We asked Davide to talk about some details of his job in the Quality Office of Morandi Steel and to reveal the latest news and the ongoing projects in this field.


Davide, which kind of certificates can Morandi Steel already issue and what are they about?

Today, Morandi steel can issue certificates according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norm and the EN 1090 1:2009/A1:2011 norm.

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The first is an integrated Quality Management System for the commercialization of carbon steel structural hollow sections. I said system as I mean that it is the result of many different activities: the continuous check of the materials coming in and out, the management of nonconforming products, the definition of skills and goals of every person. That is why I often go to the warehouse and scold my colleagues and why I am often on the phone with customers: this is my job, and I like it.

Moreover, thanks to the 9001 we can issue the 3.1 certificates, if needed. These are considered always more essential and requested by the 99% of all the customers that are buying hollow sections.

The EN 1090-1:2009/A1:2011 Certification

This Certification allows us to issue the Performance Declaration and the CE Marking for any customized-cut tubes for the construction markets. It is always more valued and sought-after by customers, moreover since 2019 when we installed the LT 20 JUMBO ADIGE-SYS 3D laser Machine: our customers ask about it more and more frequently.

The UNI ISO 45001:2018 Certification

Furthermore, early this year – before the Covid-19 pandemic delayed processes and forced to reschedule projects – we took in consideration to obtain the UNI ISO 45001:2018, regarding the Management System of Health and Safety in the workplace. This will allow us to get an integrated Quality-Safety System that, combining the 9001 and the 45001 certifications, will meet the request of some customers, mostly those with particular orders.

Which kind of orders do need this certification?

The certification is not yet mandatory in any order, but it helps to get a higher score in the assessments questionnaires that always customers ask suppliers to submit.

Moreover, the UNI ISO 45001 certification involves also an ethical issue: indeed, it is the official recognition, issued according to an international standard, of the company’s commitment to build and manage a safe and healthy workplace and to prevent injuries and occupational related illness. It allows also to raise the stakeholders’ awareness about these two important themes and share with them all the company’s vision and efforts in this field.


Which is the relationship among quality certifications, innovation and company development?

Thanks to the integration of the certificates with the management software, we can digitally issue 3.1 certificates, with a stamp on the PDF files. This means a paperless innovation of the company that allows guaranteeing the supply traceability, which is essential for the ISO 9001 system and – I would say – mandatory when supplying tubes to the construction industry. Indeed, this let us to trace back to the moment when the tube entered our warehouse and, further, to determine which casting it comes from and which transformations it has undergone before becoming the product that Morandi Steel is selling to the customer.


Next steps?

The Blockchain: I am confident of the positive effect that this innovative digital technology can have in our field.

Thank you, Davide, you let you free to your job.

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